Larry Schlachter is an author, board-certified neurosurgeon and attorney. He is the founder of the Schlachter Law Firm, which specializes in medical malpractice cases, especially those concerning brain and spinal cord injuries.

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Larry’s Biography

Lawrence B. Schlachter is one of the few attorneys in the United States who has a unique background combining dentistry, neurosurgery and law, with licenses to practice in each profession.

He is especially qualified to represent patients with injuries and damage to the nervous system, the brain or the spinal cord resulting from accidents, missed or incorrect diagnoses or elective surgeries gone wrong.

Attorneys across the United States regularly call upon Dr. Schlachter for his expertise as a neurosurgeon and lawyer. He is skilled in deposing defendant physicians and the medical experts who frequently take extreme positions to protect dangerous colleagues.


Dr. Schlachter graduated from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York in 1969. He received a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1973 and a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1976 from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He also served as a resident in general surgery for two years and in neurological surgery for five years at Emory University and affiliated hospitals from 1976 to 1983.

After retiring from active medical practice following a hand injury in 1999, Dr. Schlachter attended The John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, graduating with a J.D. degree in 2004. He is an active member of the Georgia Bar, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine and is certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery.


During Dr. Schlachter’s neurosurgical practice, he performed over 10,000 surgical procedures on the brain and spine. He was the neurosurgeon on call for the President of the United States for the Atlanta area. He and his associates covered emergency rooms, complex trauma cases and cared for patients with tumors, aneurysms, spine injuries, disc disease and spinal deformities. Dr. Schlachter performed craniotomies for tumors, aneurysms, hydrocephalus and other conditions and laminectomies, fusions, disc removals and spinal instrumentation procedures.

As an experienced neurosurgeon and attorney, Dr. Schlachter knows what the standard of care should be for patients and is able to recognize the issues and investigate the medical care in each case. In representing professionals, individuals and businesses in areas of health law, personal injury, product liability, patient safety issues and catastrophic injury, Dr. Schlachter integrates his medical experience and knowledge with legal principles pertinent to each case.

Dr. Schlachter’s passion is quality medical care. He believes that every patient is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.