Dr. Lawrence Schlachter: ‘Politically Toxic’ to Change Some Positive Aspects of Obamacare


by Dan Riehl

Schlacter said, “You’ve got a lot of good things in the present bill, or the present system, that nobody wants to change because it would be politically toxic. To ensure that individuals who are covered do not become uncovered, that’s the first thing.”

“What they have to do is keep the parts that are good,” he added, going on to suggest they can accomplish that goal with certain delays built into any legislation.

Citing the rising cost of Obamacare as driving the problem, he defined the issue by saying, “You either have to take away something to make it cost less or give people more money through some of these devices they are discussing,” health savings accounts, for example.

“There will be some interesting blend that works out over the next couple of years. That’s what I predict,” he concluded.

Listen to the full interview here.

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