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A trip to the ER is nothing new to most parents in America. It could be a sports injury, fever or a headache that just won't go away. But what most patients don't know may shock you. The reality is that the doctors treating your loved ones aren't generally specialists, and the ER doctors' decisions could be life changing, or even deadly.

An estimated 250,000 Americans die as a result of medical mistakes each year. These include errors such as misdiagnosis, hospital-acquired infections, medication errors, retained surgical sponges, and many more.

I'm working with Dr. Lawrence Schlachter, an Atlanta native, a board certified neurosurgeon, and author of the recently released book, "Malpractice: A Neurosurgeon Reveals How Our Health-Care System Puts Patients at Risk."

Real-life stories include those of:

Dr. Schlachter can discuss these stories, as well as his recent op-ed in The Hill, discussing the repeal of Obamacare. Would you be interested in speaking with Dr. Schlachter? He can provide valuable insight for your listeners that could save money, and even their lives. 

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