Senators, want to protect patients? Ask Trump Health pick about this.

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Medical malpractice is real. It ruins and even takes lives.

When doctors and hospitals talk about tort reform, they are not talking about defending doctors from “frivolous” lawsuits. The exorbitant costs of bringing a case makes frivolity impossible for the patient or the attorney.

Less than half of 1 percent of health care costs are related to medical negligence claims. By promulgating safety reform, we can save that amount many times over and reduce overall health care expenses. 

According to a recent study from Johns Hopkins researchers, mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. There is no way the current docket of malpractice suits reflects this appalling statistic.

Capping awards and granting more immunity does nothing to protect patients. In fact, it takes away their basic constitutional rights to a fair resolution of an injury. The medical community should reject tort legislation and embrace a serious patient safety and accountability system.

Despite the promises embedded in the title of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the systems created by the ACA have produced unintended failures. This has resulted in massive premium increases and upset American voters.

As Dr. Tom Price teams with President Trump to reform our health-care system, patient protection is a promise he, and indeed all of us, must strive to keep.

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